Si14: la rivoluzione del betting inizia da qui!

Written by Maurizio Petti

Ho il piacere di ospitare sul mio sito Viktor Kopylov, il CEO di un nuovo operatore di mercato, Si14, che a partire dalla seconda metà del 2020 sarà presente e operativo in tutto il mondo.
L’ambizione non manca, l’idea è quella di diventare uno dei leader nel settore delle scommesse, con un exchange rivoluzionario, spread bassissimi e mercati sempre aperti!

Una manna per chi investe come noi nei mercati sportivi.

L’intervista è al momento in inglese, presto inserirò anche la traduzione italiana.


AB: Good morning Viktor, let’s get into it: what is SI14?

The birth of a company.

Founded in May 2014, the Si14 Group, based in Switzerland and Montenegro, is an association of specialized companies providing – each in its field – top-quality sports betting services to individual and corporate customers interested in a fair betting exchange with clear terms and low commissions.
As a result, the exchange’s clients receive an exclusive, tailor-made service for the entire range of services offered by the exchange.

Si14 is a leader in the development of automated trading systems in the foreign exchange market.

The company’s experience allowed it to study the market conjuncture in detail and developed a strategy for automating arbitrage situations between bookmakers.
This strategy was more than successful and gave more than 100% profit per month! But the company learned about the pain of the industry:
– Blocks
– Periodical delays in payments
– Cutting coefficients and much more

Based on this information and understanding of what the market lacks – our company decides to create a fair betting exchange with minimum commissions for its users.

Besides, for 5 years already Si14 organizes conferences “Basics of risk management”, the regular participants of which are representatives of the USA, Israel, England, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, and other countries.

The company has branches in Israel, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Montenegro, Serbia, Germany.

AB: Is Si14 a turning point in the betting market?

The increased turbulence of the market requires innovation and a transparent approach in the formation of commissions and coefficients for sporting events.
We have extensive experience in the stock markets and transfer our experience to the betting exchange.
We have innovative products such as sports betting trust management, automated trading systems and the ability to create our own robots, as well as increased liquidity at sports events, which will allow us to gain market share.
Today, quality service and transparency are the paths to success for any company.
We have a number of competitors such as Betfair, MatchBook and similar exchange platforms and plan to capture the market in favor of Si14Bet by means of service and innovations presented on our website

AB: What are the main differences between SI14 and other competitors?
Why invest?

I will begin by answering a question to our audience.
Have you ever wondered why all the well-known sporting events exchanges have a Bookmaker section?
We can give you the answer: the reason is that these are not exchanges, but hybrid systems for managing the capital of players.

These top exchanges simply use the liquidity of their platform to increase the coefficients on their bookmaker at the expense of users who have entered the exchange.
The data from the study of exchange hybrid platforms allowed us to radically move away from such models and make our platform truly transparent and fair.
– Yes, let us not have such a huge marginality of the exchange, but our clients will never leave us.
We are ready to penetrate more than 10% of the sports betting market and it will be immediately after the launch of our platform.

Our client is always on the plus side. The financial model has an innovative approach, in which it is impossible to lose your investment funds.
How many people do you think will want to get additional discounts on the exchange commission?
That’s right – it will be 100% users.
And if we tell you that the commission can be purchased only from our Si14 token utility, what is the probability that our token will grow with a limited issue?
That’s right – the growth will be 100% because it will be in demand.
In addition, customers who purchase tokens worth more than 20,000 USD automatically become co-founders of our company and participate in the equity distribution of funds on the exchange.
Also, we have an offer for institutional investors who have a 100% guarantee.

This is achieved due to the fact that our company has created an investment offer that is ahead of time. Si14 offers you to view this offer on our website (even if you are not interested in investing in Gambling, we are convinced that you should always be in the trend of innovative offers in the fundraising market).

AB: Will be SI14 available also for the Italian Market? When and how it will be possible to join you?
We are already negotiating with potential representatives of our company in Italy and plan to enter the market after the launch of the platform.
The Italian market is very interesting for our company.
In 2019, the total volume of transactions for sports events amounted to more than 7 billion dollars, which indicates a high activity of users in the field of betting.







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